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is the Junting product launched by Junting Hotel Group in the north of Hangzhou City (the intersection of Xinwen road and Moganshan Road) with years of experience accumulated in hotel operation and in combination with modern young people's pursuit of quality of life.
All the furniture, appliances, mattresses and bedding of the hotel are equipped with the standard configuration of Junting hotel group, which ensures your living quality and realizes the real check-in.
The hotel is equipped with an independent toilet and a cooking desk, which provides the tenants with unique living and learning privacy space. She not only meets the urgent needs of senior executives and high-end talents of surrounding enterprises for long-term residence in high-end apartments, but also provides diversified short-term accommodation and catering options for various enterprises to receive customers.

Breakfast price: Ask the front desk for details.
Breakfast time: 07:00-09:30
Breakfast type: Chinese